Exciting announcement: New book available now

If you know me in real life or follow me on Twitter (pls don’t follow me in real life), you may already be aware of this news. If you’re not, I’m very excited to announce that my first book has just been published.

Here’s the backstory: 

Have you ever seen a gap in the market? Have you ever thought ‘why doesn’t this exist?’, or ‘why is no-one talking about this?’

That’s what I saw. I saw a need, wished someone would do something about it, and eventually realised that maybe I was going to have to ‘be the change I wanted to see’. 

For Those Being Crushed is one of the first books (to my knowledge) to be released in the UK that engages with the abortion issue. 

You may be surprised to hear that. Aren’t Christians generally known for being anti-abortion? Yet when I looked for resources on it, the only ones I could find were from American authors. 

Meanwhile, many carry their ‘pro-choice’ stance like a badge of honour; the media reminds us constantly that abortion is healthcare; a medical procedure funded by the NHS (and actually, with your taxes). So sacrosanct is the 1967 Abortion Act that praying outside abortion clinics is now considered harassment. 

It’s little wonder that Christians tend to be very quiet on the subject. Pastors generally haven’t preached on it for 50 years and the rest of us, unequipped, have been cowed into silence.

My friend Dave Brennan has been doing excellent work with church leaders through his ministry Brephos. 

This book is designed to complement his pioneering work by appealing to the layman – the millennial, the student, the churchgoer whose pastor may not be receptive to speaking on the subject. To put it more bluntly, those Hillsong pastors aren’t likely to preach abortion from the pulpit, but no-one needs permission to buy a book (yet?!)

Check out what others are saying:

“… Clear and challenging, passionate and persuasive, well-researched and well-written” – Revd Canon J.John

She calls us off our fence of social acceptance, dares us to lift the lid on this difficult and painful issue which affects so many of us, to consider God’s heart on the matter and to let Him change ours.” – Kevin Duffy, former director of Marie Stopes International 

“This is a dangerous book to read. This is a book for the brave. I pray your heart is stirred in a similar way.” – Andrea Williams, CEO, Christian Concern

“Olim’s engaging style pulls no punches” – Pastor Tim Lewis, Mowbray Community Church

“Camilla writes like a friend raising many serious challenges to our thoughts and actions but always out of love rather than attempting to be sensational.” – Paul Huxley, Communications Manager, Christian Concern

The book is currently available as a paperback from the publisher’s website and will be available on Kindle from Amazon on 31st August. I will update this post as and when more retailers stock it.

How you can help me 

If you decide to purchase the book and you find it is of value, I would appreciate if you would share it amongst your church friends and leaders.

It would also be so valuable to me if you would leave me a review from where you bought it as this will greatly increase the chances of it being picked up by others.

Thank you and God bless you.


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