Along with the opinion pieces I usually write, I want to equip you with factual information. I’m aiming to build up a bank of resources on relevant topics, so do keep checking back here regularly for updates!

I hope you will find these helpful. Please do share them with those you think would benefit.


  1. Abortion 101: The law, the stats and the facts – all you want to know on UK abortion law, statistics and more
  2. Abortion 101: Informed choice and the abortion industry – examining whether women seeking abortion are fully informed about their decision, and some things the abortion industry would prefer you never found out
  3. The unholy trinity profiting from women’s exploitation – The link between abortion, sex trafficking and the abortion industry
  4. Further reading: CBR UK


Between right and almost right: A call back to discernment – Examining some erroneous teaching within the Charismatic stream (I lean Charismatic so this is intended to inform, not to bash)
5 things you may not know are New Age – Looking at the real roots of yoga, personality theory and more
Further reading/watching 
Reasons for Jesus – apologetics website covering a range of topics
Famine in the Land – excellent discernment blog by Rick Becker
Berean Research – another good discernment ministry
Melissa Dougherty – great YouTube channel by a former New Ager
Acts17Apologetics – Islam-focused apologetics channel by David Wood

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