Have we created a monster? – On #MeToo, FiftyShades and more

Last month, every time I turned on the TV or read the news on the internet, there was some new sexual abuse or harassment scandal being plastered on my screen. Last year it was the Church of England. Then it was Hollywood. Then it was the Olympics gymnast doctor scandal. Then it was #MeToo. Then it was that Aziz Ansari story. Then it was the President’s Club. I suppose one incident naturally sparked another and another, but the scale of this uncovering has been huge.


Religion will kill you

This is not the kind of topic I’d planned to write about. I like to (loosely) plan ahead – otherwise, stuff doesn’t get done. I’m like the sort-of-planned-procrastinator. Anyway. I can’t force myself to write about things I’m not feeling. So I’ve thrown my posting schedule out of the window this week, moving away from the formula I'd created in my head and following the trail of God's leading (or maybe just my intuition...hard to tell which is which sometimes).

Why you (yes, you) should care about abortion

Here it is. The topic you probably wish I hadn't touched. Messy. Divisive. Emotionally loaded. When I was younger, abortion was quite an abstract word. Of course, I knew what it was, but it was vague. I knew little then about life in the womb and even less about what an abortion procedure really is. Once I got informed, my heart was changed for good. 

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